BattleBots Bracket Challenge Update 7/28/16

No full recap from me tonight, but I’ll very briefly fill you in on what happened if you missed it:

  • BETA dominated Overhaul, delivering massive hit after massive hit with its hammer on its way to a knockout win.
  • Hypershock armed itself with a freaking garden rake, swatted Warrior Clan’s drone out of the air, and then blew it to a million pieces before finishing off the main bot as well.
  • Stinger lost a controversial judges’ decision to Mega Tento in one of the biggest upsets of the year, and I’m not touching the discussions of this fight with a 10-foot poll.
  • Captain Shrederator avoided one 10-second count-out, but was ultimately disabled and KO’d by Chomp.

And then in the highlighted fights:

  • Nightmare broke its weapon, but managed to take down IceWave anyway. NIGHTMARE!!!
  • Brutus seemingly couldn’t do much against a wedged Lock-Jaw, but won on judges’ decision. I’m assuming because Lock-Jaw didn’t really have much of an active weapon.
  • Bombshell equipped its adjustable horizontal spinner, and used it to chop Cobalt’s wheels in half in a knockout.
  • Bite Force commanded its fight against The Ringmaster, winning by judges’ decision despite losing power of its weapon early on.

Now, for the standings of the bracket challenge. As usual, you can go here to take a look at everybody’s brackets.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 20.12.56

Personizzle hit on seven of his eight picks this week, and was the only participant to predict the Mega Tento over Stinger upset. Other than that, there’s not much to report. Everybody’s final fours are still intact, except for those of us that had Witch Doctor there. I’m still in last place in my own contest. Welp.


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