BattleBots Bracket Challenge Update #1

I was going to make this one half episode recap, one half Bracket Challenge update, but instead I guess I’ll just post the bracket update and then go cry about Witch Doctor or something.

If you’ve forgotten the scoring rules of the Bracket Challenge or have no idea what this is, you can find that information over here.

I have no idea how to make a good looking table in WordPress, so I’m just posting a pic of an Excel sheet. We’re all about being lazy here at BattleBlogs.

Screenshot 2016-07-07 20.22.40

I started to add possible points remaining, but quickly realized that was a whole lot of work, but basically most of us are on even footing in that department since we all expected Witch Doctor to go far. It was my champion, so I’m hurting the most.

And now, I’ll post everybody’s brackets, since I don’t think those are available anywhere unless you’ve been stalking my Twitter mentions.

Austin Reynolds




Magnolia Gatlin


Jonah Jordan

Shoutout to my man Jonah for making me post three separate images for his bracket, and then not even including the winner in there! (He has Minotaur as his champion, he told me)





Screenshot 2016-07-07 20.38.21


Magnolia also sent me one more bracket that she says was filled out by a “tiny human.” You will notice that this is the only perfect bracket. The bracket you would least expect to be good is so far the best. Be it March Madness or BattleBots, how does this always happen?



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