Episode 1 Preview: Bronco, Captain Shrederator and Chomp

We are getting closer and closer to robot fighting time so it’s time to get the previews rolling again. We started our previews last week with Beta, Bite Force and Black Ice then Blacksmith, Bombshell and Bucktooth Burl. Next up are Bronco, Captain Shrederator and Chomp.


Weapon: Launcher

BattleBot History: If it weren’t for Tombstone ripping through the competition Bronco would have been the most dominant bot last season. The launcher knocked out opponents in an average time of 48 seconds. It’s last two fights were kind of bonkers. Stinger, and Stinger’s flamethrower, gave Bronco some trouble. That fight ended with Stinger in flames on the outside of the arena.

Then it was time for the showdown we had waited on all season long, Bronco vs. Tombstone. The two most dominant bots tore each other apart. Tombstone eventually prevailed, but not without doing significant damage to itself which came into play in the final fight.

What’s cool about it?: Bronco launches with such force that it flips itself upside down. It was a common thing last season. Usually when a bot is on its back the match is over. That’s not the case with Bronco. It is able to use its launcher to flip upright. I’m also pretty sure they could launch a human. I think that should absolutely be part of future seasons.

Big question: What happens against the bar spinners? Team Bronco has made a change to their design this upcoming season. In season one they had a metal bar protecting the wheels. It was still destroyed pretty quickly by Tombstone’s bar spinner. That left the wheels to get shredded off, which left Bronco to try and move by trying to flip their launcher over and over. It didn’t work.


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.02.03 AM

You would think they would have bulked this design up. It was so successful against the rest of last season’s field. Instead, they went to a three wheel design that looks more sleek, but leaves them open for a bot like Tombstone. The lack of protection is worrisome. Bronco has to get in your face to flip you, which means they’re going to take damage against a bot like Tombstone. It may make the bot faster and easier to maneuver, but it may not be worth it in the long run.Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.02.16 AM

First round opponent: Blacksmith

Prediction: I see no reason why Bronco can’t make it back into final rounds of this tournament. Its flipper is one of the most damaging weapons in the whole tournament. It’s very difficult for some of these other bots to compete with that. The first round matchup with Blacksmith should be interesting. It’s a kind of bot we haven’t seen Bronco matchup with. I’m hoping, and I think everyone else is hoping, for a rematch with Tombstone. If it comes to that it will most likely be late in the tournament.

Captain Shrederator


Weapon: Full body spinner

BattleBot history: Cap lost to Stinger in round one last season. They kind of just spun in circles while Stinger deflected any attack they tried. It lasted over one minute, but the result was never in doubt. Shrederator eventually spun in the wall which forced them to stop spinning. That allowed Stinger to easily flip it over.

What’s cool about it?: Not much. It’s a giant Beyblade that Uncle Sam threw up on. It looks like they saw Captain America’s shield and thought it’d make a killer bot. The coolest part of Captain last season was the interchangeable teeth they have for different opponents. We only go to see one set, obviously. They also have a bar which could be mounted on the top instead of the shell to make it more of a defensive bot.

Big question: Will it destroy itself again? Probably.

First round opponent: Death Roll

Prediction: I am predicting another first round loss for Captain Shrederator. I don’t know any bot that would not be favored against Shrederator. It’d be an upset if its fighting in the second round.



Weapon: Pneumatic hammer and flamethrower

BattleBots History: This bot has only been competing for one year. Chomp was a completely different bot last season. It was a crusher with a flamethrower last season. It lost its qualifier to Overdrive and firs round match to Icewave. Both were by knockout.


This bot had some serious mobility issues. Ice Wave was able to avoid the crusher and tear up the sides because it was too slow to outmaneuver the smaller Ice Wave.

What’s cool about it?: It looks deadly. The hammer is so intimidating so now I’m all in on Team Chomp. I’m guessing the idea is to impale opposing bots with the hammer then melt their faces with the flamethrower. I’m so excited to see this bot in action. They don’t have much protection, and Chomp needs an expert driver. It’s not easy to manage a weapon like that.

First round opponent: The Disk’O Inferno

Big question: How good is Chomp’s driver? Last season’s Chomp was big, it was bulky and it was the opposite of dangerous. It was a hard bot to maneuver and had a weird weapons system. The same can be said for this iteration of Chomp, but it’s way more dangerous this time around. You have to get in range without getting destroyed to use this hammer. The first round matchup with Disk’O Inferno should be a good test for Chomp. The spinner is exactly the kind of weapon that could do some big time damage to Chomp.

Prediction: I’m thinking Chomp is going to make a run. I wasn’t sure about the hammer bots, but Chomp has swayed me. I think it can make a run.


Previews for Chrome Fly, Complete Control, and Death Roll are up next.


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